Murray W.  Nabors, Ph.D is quite used to speaking before large and small groups of people and can talk about, in an entertaining and knowledgeable fashion about several different subjects.

For example:

  1. Achieving goals and realizing dreams
  2. Conquering impossible problems as well as difficult habits
  3. How to achieve your goals and dreams using both traditional and new age techniques
  4. Programming yourself for success, even in hard times
  5. How the Universe works, and why understand this is important for success and survival
  6. Global warming—what it is and what it isn’t
  7. Genetic engineering of food and crops
  8. Current state of college and university education
  9. Why God is a plant
  10. Any topics from a college biology or botany course
  11. Milking cows and goats and becoming self sufficient in present day America
  12. The Oregon Trail and Western American History
  13. Cowboy Christmas stories

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