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“If you feel adrift in life, The Magical Dozen can help you find the direction and control that are missing.”

Larry Dossey, MD. Author.  Healing Words and The Power of Premonitions.

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The Magical Dozen is a unique combination of hard-headed common sense, practical skills, and new age techniques that allow you to approach achieving goals and realizing dreams with an unstoppable variety of interesting techniques that work, make sense, and are supported with readily available sources of additional information and knowledgeable advice.  Manifesting the life you want and solving problems that slow or prevent progress toward your goals can become an interesting and exciting process of lifelong learning and ongoing achievement and success.  The focus of this book is on today, not delay, and on action, rather than talk.  This should be the self-help book that you actually read and put into practice in your life.  Take charge of your destiny.

Too many of us find our lives OUT OF CONTROL or at least MOVING AHEAD WAY TOO SLOWLY.  We may feel like a massive UNDERACHIEVER–the kind of person who is embarrassed to attend high school reunions.  Life may seem like an ENDLESS STRUGGLE in which we are constantly in danger of being CONSUMED BY TRIVIA.

How about this instead?  OH YEAH!  You are achieving your goals and solving your problems in a timely and satisfying manner.  Life is good, and you are living your dreams and pursuing an even more satisfying future.  Every day is a life worth living!  And it seems like every month and every year just get better and better.  You are relaxed and yet busy.  You can’t imagine having a better job or better relationships.  Life is a LOLLAPALOZZA!

So to manifest your dreams and live the life you want, you need great techniques that work and that you can easily carry out.  The best plan in the world is useless if you don’t run it.  In the Magical Dozen, the emphasis is on immediate steps that you can do right away, as in NOW.  And the techniques come from many sources–some logical and traditional and others new-age and “out there.”  Here’s something important to consider:  You don’t have to understand how something works to use it.  Most of us use all sorts of “technology” of which we have only a dim understanding.  I mean, do you really believe the air is full of all sorts of vibrating, electromagnetic waves translated by phones, radios, and televisions into conversations, talk shows, and movies?  I’m not sure I do–but I use them all the time.

The Magical Dozen will get you going as your goals become intentions, which turn into knowings that you live every day.  You don’t think about how to chew, or watch a video, or ride a bike.

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