“If you feel adrift in life, The Magical Dozen can help you find the direction and control that are missing.”  — Larry Dossey, MD.  Author.  Healing Words and The Power of remonitions.

“Dr. Nabors has created a comprehensive guidebook for bringing forth the life you may only dream could be possible. He has a wide grasp of many areas and has synthesized these views, with much useful detail, into a book you can open anywhere and find a golden nugget. Even if you haven’t conjured your dream life yet, this book will show you how.”

—Penney Peirce.  Intuition Expert and Author of Frequency and The Intuitive Way.

The Magical Dozen is a unique combination of hard-headed common sense, practical skills, and new age techniques that allow you to approach achieving goals and realizing dreams with an unstoppable variety of interesting techniques that work, make sense, and are supported with readily available sources of additional information and knowledgeable advice.  Manifesting the life you want and solving problems that slow or prevent progress toward your goals can become an interesting and exciting process of lifelong learning and ongoing achievement and success.  The focus of this book is on today, not delay, and on action, rather than talk.  This should be the self-help book that you actually read and put into practice in your life.  Take charge of your destiny.



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